KORTEGAARD have specialised in supplying garden centres with the best British and Danish-grown Christmas trees available. We supply one of the largest ranges of Christmas trees available – please see our full range and videos for further info. All our trees are individually selected to fit into our own exclusive grading system to provide the best quality in the industry subsequently ensuring our customers the best Christmas trees available.

Cut Christmas trees are measured from the cut to the gathering point of the top whirl (approx. half leader), we DO NOT measure to the top of the leader.

Container-grown Christmas trees (CO) are grown in 7.5 litre pots and they are measured from the root collar/top of the pot to the top of the leader, ie the pot is not included in the measure. All our container-grown Christmas trees are grown in pots. It is a hardy nursery product which will grow on if treated appropriately.

Watering Christmas trees significantly improves needle retention and is highly recommended.

Nordmann fir (Abies nordmanniana)

The most popular Christmas tree in the UK as well as the rest of Europe. It has great needle retention and a beautiful glossy, dark-green colour with long soft needles. It is a great tree for family homes. Shape various from full and dense to more traditional.

Nordmann fir blue-white label 175-200cm
Nordmann fir blue-white label 175-200 cm
Nordmann fir brown label 175-200cm
Nordmann fir brown label 175-200 cm
Nordmann fir black-white label 165-200cm
Nordmann fir black-white label 165-210 cm
Nordmann fir CO white label 80-100cm
Nordmann fir CO white label
80-100 cm

Noble fir (Abies nobilis)

The king of Christmas trees. Fantastic needle retention, beautiful blue-silver colour and wonderful scent. Generally more traditional shape than nordmann and fraser firs.

Noble fir yellow label 150-175 cm
Noble fir yellow label 150-175 cm

Fraser fir (Abies fraserii)

The “American” Christmas tree. Compact and slimmer proportions than most other firs. Very good needle retention and a lovely citrus scent. A great tree for homes with less space.

Fraser fir yellow label 150-175cm
Fraser fir yellow label 150-175 cm

Norway spruce (Picea abies)

The classic Christmas tree. Beautiful, slim shape with a traditional Christmas scent. Nice green colour with sharper needles than our range of firs. Decent needle retention. Great value for money Christmas tree and the best way to keep up the classic Christmas tradition.

Norway spruce blue label 175-200cm
Norway spruce blue label 175-200 cm
Norway spruce CO red label 100-125cm
Norway spruce CO red label 100-125 cm

Blue spruce (Picea pungens “Glauca”)

Beautifully coloured Christmas tree. Colour various from steel blue to silvery green. Very sharp needles and decent needle retention. Shape various from full and dense to traditional.

Blue spruce blue label 150-200cm
Blue spruce blue label 150-200 cm
Blue spruce CO pink label 60-80 cm